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Previous | Next :: Wot No Flowers - Colombia | September 3, 2009, 10:46 pm

Wot No Flowers - Colombia
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Well Jez is on a flight to the UK after a harrowing day running around NYC... I'm sure he'll tell you the story... So as he sat crammed in the very back seat on a British Airways flight he put in a desperate call to request that I post an image for him...

He shot this one a while back as part of a set for British Airways Cargo telling the story of how they ship fresh flowers from Colombia to Europe... anyway, it's the perfect image for his current circumstance since, as he sits on the back row next to the lavatory he feels like he may as well be flying BA Cargo. I'm sure he'll agree, it's a crappy end to a crappy day :(

On a lighter note, I really love this image!

Cheers, Matt

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