WWW.IV-PHOTO.COM. : This is my agents site, see some of my commercial portfolios on line.
WWW.JEZCOULSON.COM. : More of my work as a reportage artist presented in a more chaotic personal way.
WWW.DG28.COM. : All about pro digital photography: lesson's in how to physically shoot the pictures and how to develop the ethics and practice of high level press photography. This site is the most amazing resource for anyone interested in professional editorial photography particularly young or emerging photographers. This is a completely free service offered by my great friend and former college Neil Turner who is now the staff photographer with the Times Supplements in London. He is a very generous individual who has had a career long interest in photographic standards and education. If I was running a photographic course I would make this compulsory reading for all my students.
WWW.JONJONESPHOTO.COM. : The website of Jon Jones amazing photojournalist and good personal friend he and I worked together in war zones accross the world but he worked in those war zones consistantly for over ten years. I could never have done that work so unremittingly with out any real break. I might do a six week trip come home and re group he might do a six month trip. His pictures reflect his comitment to tell those stories and his personal bravery.
WWW.PHOTOBLOGS.ORG. : The listing place of all photoblogs and anything to do with photoblogging (PS I would love it vist this site and bookmark as a favorite along with any others you like of course!)
HTTP://PHOTOS.VFXY.COM. : Another listing place to find more interesting photoblogs has the advantage you can see stuff before you click to view it (PS you should also vist this site and click on a favorite on the bottom left of the listing ........oh......... and any others you also like!)
WWW.CHROMASIA.COM. : The photoblog of David Nightingale. Great blog, and it is amazingly consistent. A lesson in how to shoot stunning images in the least promising situations and do it consistently and repeatedly.
WWW.JOESNYC.STREETNINE.COM. : Photos of NYC and occaisionally somewhere else by Joseph O.Holmes. This is the first photoblog I ever looked at and I still love it. It really captures the peculiar individual vitality and energy of New York City and Joe also presents some images that seem far off the beaten track inside the City and infrequently outside. Ive never actually met Joe but he seems a great bloke. Ive said to Joe I will meet up with him and buy him a beer.
HTTP://TODAYSPICTURES.SLATE.COM. : The amazing images of the venerable Magnum Photo Agency available on Slate the online magazine.
THE VIEW POINT. : The project behind this site, called the "the ViewPoint", aims to provide a different view of what happens in the world, both by paying attention to what bloggers and local voices say, and by giving space and visibility -on the web- to the "old" art of photojournalism .
NEW EYES. : New Eyes..........Some delicate, some sensitive, some natural content, some people, some family. All with passion, all with personality and honesty. The entries on Chantal's blog speak.....a mixture of very personal writing and images...... always touching and memorable.
NORMBLOG. This is the first non photography link and is for those people who like to address openly politics and society and to step away from the stereotypical knee jerk politics. Id like to recommend the thinking mans Lefty : Norman Geras . (Normblog : posts deplore the abuses of human rights by all despots from Saddam Hussein to Robert Mugabe......feature analysis of particularly US and UK foreign policy and incisive thinking on Islamist terrorism...... and very, very occasionally appreciate images of yellow Taxi's..... its a fantastically interesting, informative mix)

GRETA WIRE : Greta Van Susteren is a terrific journalist and anchor of her own TV show On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.......... she is a top flight lawyer whose analytical questioning and knowledge of the law bring whole new insights to her coverage...... stay informed watch her show live at 10 EST on Fox........... or catch up with her blog [Greta Wire]( covering all topics of the day and aspects of the show....... she is also a keen photographer in her spare time and very very occasionally uses GRETA WIRE to recommend a photoblog that catches her eye......... Jezblog was inundated the day she recomended to her readers that they drop in ........ I was of course completely honored and amazed to receive such attention.

AMIN TORRES is the most creative man I have met with a real job....... not only that....... he is a great guy........ hugely generous and warm......... you can tell he is a nice bloke from his lovely pictures of his pet rabbit........ I check out Amin's photoblog bocetos every day you should do the same. Its not all rabbits and it has some mighty images from NYC and beyond.
ANDREW SULLIVAN: Considered a founding father of weblog political journalism.... his blog is hugely influential. His identity as a gay man living with HIV, a Roman Catholic, conservative, British commentator on American politics..... is an unusual mix lets face it..... Maybe it's his unusual take that gives him on occasion such startling insight.

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