Hi I am Jez Coulson I am a photojournalist and Reportage Artist. I am a Brit but I live in New York City.

I am obsessed with reportage photography and have been pretty well as long as I can remember here is my artist statement.

This blog is the slightly mad outlet for my artwork and crazed thoughts. I love this, the unfiltered immediacy of having my own publishing platform. I love that thing of sharing and getting feedback. So don't hold back, if you have any reaction to any of my stuff let me know. Speak your mind, I will try and respond to pretty well all, well certainly most comments. :-))

Here is my short cv........ and Contact Info for my agent the London / New York / Atlanta based crew........... Insight-Visual.

Here is a quick Q&A with me about my philosophy and about my blogging conducted by the mighty political blogger Norman Geras who blogs at  Normblog........ it gives you a bit of an intro to me and my blogging.

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