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Canadian Hospital : Edmonton : Canada
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Thinking as we were yesterday about what President Obama might do.......... I thought he might not be able to actually try much on Health Care because of all the financial crisis............. but he does seem to want to attempt to address all these things at once. I was looking at the cover story on Time Magazine........... the..... : So you think you have Health insurance ?....... Think Again! Article....... aptly illustrating the fear of all who have marginal Health cover or who get or fear they will get some kind of catastrophic illness is that even with so called good Health cover they run out of actual cover. Getting seriously ill in the US of A is often swiftly followed by bankruptcy........ it is literally one of the main causes of Bankruptcy in America. There has to be a better way. I don\'t know exactly how it all works but my recent trips to Canada to brand new Hospitals being opened left me with a pretty favorable impression of the Canadian health system....... maybe they should study the Canadian health service........... here is a shot of a new heart institute...... the building nearing its completion date in Edmonton........ it looks cool on the outside and has pretty seriously cool stuff on the inside.

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