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Previous | Next :: Hillary Clinton on a Roll : Washington : DC | June 20, 2007, 12:01 am

Hillary Clinton on a Roll : Washington : DC
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Ive seen Sen.Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail a good few times in the last few months. You have to say she is the ultimate professional. i saw her again this morning at 8-00 AM speaking at a National Union Conference. All the democratic hopeful's were there for a Presidential candidate endorsement session conducted by Chris Matthews (of MSNBC's hardball). They were all going on to speak at another conference at 11AM but I couldn't really face another re-run in quick succession....... these guys are doin it all day everyday. This time I thought she had it by a whisker with Obama raising his game and giving her a run for her money...... he seems to be getting his magic back late in the game. Edwards was good but slightly too drifting and folksy for me. Kucinich was old style like Tony Benn if you know British politics. No..... in my view Hillary seemed to be most upbeat and confident and it seemed her energy and enthusiasm carried her right through to win the day. The crowd certainly gave Chris Matthews a hard time when he tried to pin her down on a question she wanted to avoid....... she just wasnt about to give an answer to 'would she have a problem with Scooter Libby getting a Pardon?'............ its all a bit too close to Bill Clintons last minute pardons that at the time were viewed as pretty disgraceful so she is saying nothing.

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