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Previous | Next :: Bounce #1 : 20th and 6th Av : NYC | January 11, 2007, 12:03 am

Bounce #1 : 20th and 6th Av : NYC
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This is from a set of images I made of 'Bouncers' or 'Doormen' at clubs in NYC.... I seem to have temporarily mislaid the caption info so his name escapes me ..... he was a nice bloke.... working the door at a club I think is called the Church in a converted church building at the corner of 20th street and 6th Av. This image is again made on E6 fuji 35mm film using Lumidyne battery operated flash system and a shoot through semi translucent umbrella and a shutter speed of probably about 1 second I should think.

I never did make it back to NYC so Im down in DC again...... Ive got to get back to the island of yellow taxis soon.....maybe tommorrow.....

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