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Desperate Enough to Swim : Calais : France
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To get to 'The Promised Land' of Britain ..... some migrants are desperate enough to attempt to swim in the dangerous waters of the Calais Port ..... Many cling to the under side of trucks...... I just worked on a story with Alex Hannaford in France ……. Alex had been inspired to write by the plight of a young migrant called Robiel Habtom …….. I saw the piece being laid out just before I left … I was so pleased the Sunday Times Mag was giving such prominence to the issue … It’s in todays Sunday Times Magazine (UK) get a copy and check it out if you can … We all know the migration of people across the world is one of the big themes of our times… I know it … I know its always a tough story ….. and yet every time I work on those stories I am shocked all over again by the plight of the individuals I meet as they attempt to travel without documents … Alex Hannaford’s written story is very moving and informative about the migrants who have made it to Calais on the Northern French coast and are ready to risk everything once more to make the final crossing to get into “The Promised Land” of the UK … Alex captures the big picture by focusing on the lives of specific individuals ……. Hopefully my pictures convey something of the plight of the people we met, people just like Robiel Habtom.

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