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Previous | Next :: Convoy in Traffic : Baghdad : Iraq | February 27, 2013, 6:33 pm

Convoy in Traffic : Baghdad : Iraq
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Traveling in a security convoy through the traffic of Baghdad. Looking out of the back window of my SUV I see the vehicle behind with an armed soldier on sentry duty appearing out of the roof. I was very grateful to this whole security operation. But it is pretty unrelaxing, they really do burn for it. They drive seriously aggressively, so as the convoy never gets split up by other vehicles. If we got trapped in traffic the whole convoy would suddenly switch and roll down the wrong side of the road. It really was proper security driving ..... very high speed...... with sirens and constant horns ..... hard on the brakes...... hard on the gas ..... pushing aggressively through traffic ..... intimidating people out of the way........ in open stretches the vehicles were arrayed diagonally across all the available carriage ways ...... all very unrelaxing but kind of impressive ...... and very professional and successful ....... and like I say I really was very grateful to the guys .........


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