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Previous | Next :: Kurdish Oil Sales Causing Iraq to Split ? Tak Tak Oilfield : kurdistan Iraq | May 24, 2012, 7:39 pm

Kurdish Oil Sales Causing Iraq to Split ? Tak Tak Oilfield : kurdistan Iraq
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Kurdistan appears to be on the brink of risking pushing a split with the rest of Iraq......... over its sale of its oil outside of central government arrangements ..... I shot this earlier this year up at the Tak Tak Oilfield in Kurdistan not so far from the Iranian border............

The Kurds have done so much to play their part in the hoped for modern state of Iraq. They have complied with so much not necessarily in their own interests. They have managed to live largely in peace and have a functioning democracy. Not a single US soldier was killed in Kurdistan. If the rest of Iraq functioned like Kurdistan the whole place would be rocking. I guess in the end the Kurds cannot continue to allow the money from their sales of oil to go through the central government as Central government does not agree with their contracts and does not pay up the percentage of the money it is supposed to return to them ....................... There is no pipeline now ......... so at the moment the oil travels by road.

I cannot help feeling the Kurds deserve to be free of the rest of Iraq ......... but their departure would be terrible news for the rest of Iraq, they have been a stabilizing factor ........ certainly US foreign policy has always tried to keep them inside the State of Iraq......... the thing that could be changing is the relationship with Turkey........ partly as Iraqi Kurdistan now has oil that it can supply to Turkey...... the Turks always previously opposed any autonomous Iraqi Kurdish State as they had issues with their own Kurdish separatists inside Turkey........ but now I've even heard it discussed that Iraqi Kurdistan could even be looking for some kind of protectorate arrangement with Turkey....... allowing them to break with the rest of Iraq and its constant Arab Sunni - Shiite battles.


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