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Previous | Next :: Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina : New Orleans : USA | May 19, 2010, 11:56 pm

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina : New Orleans : USA
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I was watching the developments today in Thailand with sadness. Seems like Thailand is slipping back into political violence and the instability that comes with military power deployed on the streets and violent protest.

I felt two completely contradictory emotions in terms of myself in relation to that story. One: I am very glad I am not there. Two: I wish I was there. As all that was breaking on the streets you can see journalists photographers TV crews moving about freely (well freely as you can given the enormous risk) making images and showing the truth of the story. Real stories that play out on the streets that do not require permission from the Pentagon to embed blah blah...... still have an appeal to me..... to show truthfully what you see without official censorship and control is the ideal state for photojournalism (I am sure there are restrictions and access issues but I understand journalists have had access to both sides)....... I still have the desire to go and see...... go and see real stories as they happen ..... see what motivates people........ understand their cause...... see their passion..... their lives......... to bring my reportage to that situation........ and yet in direct contradiction........ I am actively glad not be there too..........

Here are some incredible images from the lead up to todays violent assault on and defense of the protest encampment in the heart of Bangkok............... View

The image above is from New Orleans in the days after Hurricane Katrina. People then feared violence and crime. It was weird to be in the half drowned city. Largely emptied of its population it did have a malevolent air. It was as if you were living in a scene from 'Mad Max' in a post apocalypse world with bodies still left lying in the streets. We had to clear police check points but we were free to make the reportage stories we wanted, well, if you had the nerve. If you had the nerve to wade in the stinking diseased water with snakes and sewage you could go where ever you wanted.


PS...... The Thailand pictures were brought to my attention by Anjkan

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