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Previous | Next :: Melvyn's Guitar in the Light : Warwickshire : UK | February 17, 2010, 9:25 pm

Melvyn's Guitar in the Light : Warwickshire : UK
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I was round at me old mate Melvyn's place today...... the artist Melvyn Warren Smith ...... he is a great guy, a fantastic artist and his house is just about my fave residence in Britain ....... It's an amazing barn conversion he commissioned himself with his partner Marie Heron ....... Half of the place is given over to a beautiful painters studio come lounge area. It is just amazing with amazing triple height ceiling space and his fantastic artwork on display throughout.

He has just got in a new mega projection and sound system so we watched the Kings of Leon and a pile of other bands at high volume and projected huge on the wall.......... It was fab.

Before we put down the blackout blinds for that showing I'd been discussing the amazing quality of daylight light in his studio. I shot this of one of his many guitars I think a Gibson Fender Bullet from back in the day. The light is coming through a colored glass pitcher which lives placed over one of the smaller windows casting colorful sunlight light into the studio.


PS.......... Here is a picture I made back in Melvyn's studio a couple of years back at Christmas

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